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Ultimate flow control.

Essi syringe pump

High precision

​Positioning precision is lower than 100 nanometers which allows flowrates as low as 0.001 uL/min and up to 10 mL/min.

Simple and effective mounting.png

Quick and secure mounting

​The three point mounting system allows the use of a vast majority of syringes. The mounting is simple, quick and effective.

Pulseless flow

​Delivered flow rates are highly accurate and pulseless.

PC controllable syringe pump.png

USB control

​The syringe pumps are controlled via USB using an intuitive PC software. The serial communication protocol is available for IoT integration.

High pressures

​The syringe pump delivers more than 20 N of force which is sufficient for hih pressure applications. The pressures do not disturb the flowrates.

Multiple Essi syringe pumps.png

Dock for multiple pumps

​A dock and a custom software for seamless integration of several pumps are available.


High positioning precision of syringe pumps.png
Highly accurate and pulseless flowrates.png
High pressures.png

This is what 10 nanoliters per minute looks like.

​Our syringe pumps allow you to gain absolute control over the environment under your microscope. Syringe pumps allow volumetric control which means that they are not affected by pressure fluctuations - with nanoliter precision.

Stopping and moving the liquid has never been so accurate.

Video: 1 um particles are flowing at 0.01 uL/min and meet water at the junction - flowing at 0.02 uL/min.

And this is 1 nanoliter per minute.​


This can only be achieved thanks to the accuracy and smoothness of our pumping technology. Each picoliter that comes from the syringe pump is perfectly timed and accounted for. Capillary effects, pressure fluctuations and other phenomena do not affect the performance.


​Video: 1 um particles are flowing at 0.001 uL/min through a microfluidic channel.

Essi recommends MHS microscope by MotionScope for perfect visualisation of your microfluidic environment!

Contact us to order, get a demo or more info.

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