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A real time sensor for 48 deep well microtiter plates

mtpOD system is capable of real time OD monitoring in any standard deep well microtiter plate. It offers the same sensitivity and range as our shake flask sensors.


mtpOD allows unparalleled experimental throughput and provides data that is not compromised by the small volumes within the plates.

mtpOD improves the efficiency of your workflow as it reduces the required re-runs in flasks as informed decisions can be made earlier, at the smallest experimental scale.

mtpOD increases your throughput. Massively.

Despite the small fermentation volumes in deep well microtiter plates the mtpOD offers uncompromized detection characteristics of our scatterRead technology. Each well has its own, independent sensor providing reliable high resolution data.

Applications beyond growth monitoring

Rich data on microbial proliferation is the most significant, telling cultivation characteristic that can be directly applied to limitless fields - here are some examples:

- microbial screening and strain development

- enzyme screening 

- drug and active pharmaceutical ingredient screening

- media development

- toxin screening

- compound titering for efficacy or toxicity screening

- bioprospecting

- bioproduction enhancement experiments

1008 parallel experiments?


scattered light detection technology by

The transmitted light detection principle of the scatterRead technology features an accelerometer to determine the optimal timeslot to take a measurement. Although the acquired data is not directly comparable to offline measurements with spectrophotometers, it is exceptionally simple to integrate and works with a large range of vessels.


MTP compatibility: any standard 48 deep well microtiter plate made from translucent material. Each system comes equipped with 43001 – 0062 Riplate®SW 48, PP, 5ml plate.

Shaker compatibility: Any shaker regardless of throw, max rpm up to 300 rpm with side brackets only, 1200 rpm with the screw-on cover.

Sensitivity: 0.01 OD to 130 OD, LOQ 0.05 OD

Crosstalk: < 1 %, depending on conditions

Output: pre-calibrated arbitrary units (OD approximations)

Connectivity: USB-C from PC to each sensor or via shake hub (USB hub mounted onto shaking incubator).

Parallelization: up to 10 sensors per shake hub, no limit on number of docks per PC.

Data handling: OD dock software for acquisition, data format is .txt compatible. Data viewing with OD dock, notepad, Excel and similar softwares. 

Get in touch to implement mtpODs into your shaking incubators!

We offer online demos as well as lending of testing units.

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