Shake FlaskOD

Online cell proliferation (optical density – OD) detection system for shake flasks (Erlenmeyers)

  • Have you ever used shake flasks? If you're a microbiologist you probably can't do much without them.

  • Have you ever had to measure OD of a culture in a shake flask? Cell proliferation is a hugely important factor that can say a lot about what's going on with the culture in the shake flask. 

  • Did you take a sample and measure the OD manually? It's a tedious process that is prone to error and contaminations. The number of samples is limited as the manual measurement are laborious.

We've developed a system that does that for you! Continuously, effortlessly, without mistakes and contaminations.

Monitor OD. Continuously. Effortlessly.

  • Avoids laborious sampling and contaminations

  • Detects real, calibrated OD values

  • Easy integration

  • Provides invaluable data on growth characteristics

  • Excellent for DOE, media and strain optimization

Shake accuRead technology


  • True, auto-calibrated, real time OD @ 600 nm

  • Shake accuRead: highly stable and accurate OD detection technology that is not disturbed by shaking and air pockets

  • Intuitive software: easy to use, open files directly with Excel, Notepad etc.

  • Wide range: up to OD 10 with an accuracy of OD +/- 0.01

How it works


  • Reusable glass Erlenmeyer flasks are custom made to fit the sensor

  • Standard volumes are 250 mL and 2 L, other options upon request

  • Simple sensor integration: snap on, secure with provided velcro tape

  • Connectivity: only one USB-C cable for power and data

  • Dock station:  simple integration of as many sensors as you need


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