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Online cell proliferation (optical density – OD) detection system for shake flasks (Erlenmeyers)

flaskOD is a system for OD detection in Erlenmeyer shake flasks. The system is factory calibrated and its shake-accuRead technology provides reliable, absolute OD values that are not disturbed by shaking. Integration is simple and data acquisition is handled by an intuitive software. 

shake-accuRead is an innovative transmitted light-based detection technology that is not disturbed by shaking and circulating of the liquids. All systems are factory calibrated so the acquired OD values are absolute and comparable with offline spectrophotometric detectors. For comparison, scattered light detectors provide only relative, arbitrary values, whilst shake-accuRead provides absolute OD values that can go up to OD 10.

OD sensor for shake flasks

how it works

Custom flasks are used as any other shake flasks: add media, autoclave, inoculate, put onto your shaker, snap on flaskOD and secure it with velcro.

The flasks are reusable and fully autoclavable. 


  • Microbiological research

  • Strain development and media optimization

  • Design of experiments (DOE)

  • Bioprocessing - growth phase monitoring

Shake flask OD sensor installation
Shake flask OD sensor custom flasks


  • Eliminated manual sampling

  • Eliminated risk of contaminations

  • Real, calibrated OD

  • Rich data - high monitoring frequencies

  • Simple integration – small devices


Shake flask OD sensor multiplexing

Snap on with velcro

  • The installation of the flaskOD sensor takes seconds

  • The integration is unintrusive - does not compromise sterility

  • The sensor is secured with a velcro tape

Custom flasks

  • Custom flasks are required for the sensor integration

  • Growth conditions in custom flasks are equal to standard flasks

  • Standard volume is 250 mL, other volumes are available upon request


  • Solutions for simple integration of multiple sensors are available

  • The system requres no additional space in a shaking incubator

Easy data handling.png

Easy data handling

  • FlaskODread software is intuitive and easy to use

  • All generated data files can be opened with Excel, NotePad etc.

  • It allows the integration of several flaskOD sensors

  • Open source serial communication allows integration into any custom software

Contact us to order, get a demo or more info.

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