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Online biomass

flaskOD: online biomass sensor


flaskOD sensor

Get the most data from your cultivations.

Online biomass monitoring offers a cost-effective solution by reducing manual labor and sampling efforts. Instead of relying on periodic measurements, flaskOD system provides continuous data collection for Erlenmeyer flasks, eliminating the need for human intervention and reducing the potential for errors. It enables real-time decision-making, optimizes process efficiency, reduces costs and supports sustainable resource management in various industries.

flaskOD sensor requires custom 250 mL non-baffled glass flasks to function. If you're looking for a more versatile sensor, check out the scatterOD!

flaskOD: how it works

accuRead technology

transmitted light detection

The transmitted light detection principle of the accuRead technology is similar to spectrophotometers with two additions:

  • the detection principle is adapted to work online during the shaking operation

  • the dynamic LED power adaptation reassures readouts also in high biomass ranges

Because of this it is possible to measure a large range of biomass titers (ODs) during the shaking operation with the acquired data directly comparable to offline spectrophotometric measurements.

Transmitted light OD detection: biomass monitoring with biomass sensors
OD sensor for shake flasks

how it works

Custom flasks function like standard shake flasks with an added measurement fold on the side for flaskOD sensor integration. They can be autoclaved, filled with media, inoculated, and clipped into the flaskOD mount for measurements. These reusable glass flasks are fully autoclavable for convenience and sustainability.

Mounting system of flaskOD sensor for shaking incubators


  • Microbiological research

  • Strain development and media optimization

  • Design of experiments (DOE)

  • Bioprocessing - growth phase monitoring


  • Eliminated manual sampling

  • Eliminated risk of contaminations

  • Real, calibrated OD

  • Rich data - high monitoring frequencies

  • Simple integration – small devices


Shake flask OD sensor installation

Snap in mount or velcro

  • FlaskOD sensor can be installed using provided velcro tape or by snap in mount

Shake flask OD sensor custom flasks

Custom flasks

  • Custom flasks are required for the sensor integration

  • Growth conditions in custom flasks are equal to standard flasks

  • Standard volume is 250 mL, other volumes are available upon request

Shake flask OD sensor multiplexing


  • Solutions for simple integration of multiple sensors are available

  • The system requres no additional space in a shaking incubator


FlaskOD system fits any shaking incubator. Snap in mounts are installed with provided screws onto shaker's threaded plate. FlaskOD sensor snaps in and USB cable handles the data and power. A special USB hub is available to facilitate seamless connection of multiple sensors.

During everyday use, flasks are simply placed into the mounts and the measurements can be started.


widely applicable

  • Our detection systems work for all microorganisms, including filamentous ones

easy installation

  • All systems are safe and very easy to install in most shaking incubators

  • Systems are designed to allow autoclavability of culture vessels 


  • All systems are suitable for aerobic and anaerobic cultivations

  • Vessel sizes are adaptable upon request

easy data handling

  • Data acquisition is handled by intuitive softwares

  • The saved data can be directly opened with Excel, Notepad etc.

Contact us to order, get a demo or more info.

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