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Online biomass


Simple solution that yields accurate results.

Online biomass monitoring offers a cost-effective solution by reducing manual labor and sampling efforts, it enables real-time decision making and optimizes the effectiveness of your experiments.

scatterOD sensor is highly versatile: it is capable of online biomass monitoring in any translucent vessel, shaken, stirred, baffled or microfluidic.

Top of the range, unparalleled sensitivity.

How it works

scatterOD sensor can detect biomass through any translucent material. Off-the-shelf application for this sensor is for shaken Erlenmeyer flasks: the sensor is inserted into an existing clamp and the biomass is monitored through the bottom of the flask. Simple and reliable.

Get in touch if you'd like to use the scatterOD in your application!


Compatibility: any translucent vessel. Mounts for 125, 250 and 500 mL Erlenmeyer flasks are available off-the-shelf. Other mounts can be custom fabricated.

Sensitivity: 0.05 OD to 130 OD

Output: pre-calibrated arbitrary units (OD approximations)

Connectivity: USB-C from PC to each sensor or via shake dock (USB hub mounted onto shaking incubator).

Parallelization: up to 10 sensors per shake dock, no limit on number of docks per PC.


scattered light detection technology by

The transmitted light detection principle of the scatterRead technology features an accelerometer to determine the optimal timeslot to take a measurement. Although the acquired data is not directly comparable to offline measurements with spectrophotometers, it is exceptionally simple to integrate and works with a large range of vessels.

OD dock

user friendly and powerful software that powers Essi biomass sensors

Get in touch to implement scatterOD sensors into your shaking incubator!

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