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systems for real time OD acquisition‘s OD detectors are a perfect solution for real time cell proliferation monitoring in shaking incubators. They eliminate sampling and provide real time, absolute OD values.

OD sensor for shake flasks


- OD sensor for shake flasks


- 6 channel OD sensor for vials

shakerOD - OD sensor for shaking incubators

our technology

shake-accuRead is an innovative transmitted light-based detection technology that is not disturbed by shaking and circulating of the liquids. All systems are factory calibrated so the acquired OD values are absolute and comparable with offline spectrophotometric detectors. 

This has been achieved by two steps - first, the innovative design of culture vessels - the use of vials and modifying the shake flasks, respectively - that allow transmitted light detection. Second, shake-accuRead technology is capable of distinguishing air and air bubbles from the broth caused by shaking as well as monitoring the shaking and circulating motions, which allows accurate OD readouts that are otherwise distorted.

How does it compare to other technologies?

shake-accuRead is transmitted light detection-based technology which is also used for offline measurements. This allows us to factory calibrate our systems that provide the users with absolute OD values with no additional offline steps. This means that the OD values are comparable with offline spectrophotometers that provide absolute results. 

In comparison, backscatter-based OD detection only provides relative data in arbitrary units that has to be calibrated for each run using offline equipment. shakerOD and flaskOD systems work independently and are not susceptible to variations in media, strains and cultivation conditions.


Easy installation

  • All systems are safe and very easy to install in most shaking incubators

  • Systems are designed to allow autoclavability of culture vessels 


  • All systems are suitable for aerobic and anaerobic cultivations

  • Vessel sizes are adaptable upon request

Easy data handling

  • Data acquisition is handled by intuitive softwares

  • The saved data can be directly opened with Excel, Notepad etc.

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