Online cell proliferation (optical density – OD) detection system for incubation shakers


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  • Trying to catch your microorganism at a certain growth stage or OD?

  • Wish to get data on growth characteristics?

  • Want to compare several strains?

  • Want to compare several media and perform optimization?

ShakerOD was designed to address all these challenges and more. It eliminates manual sampling and liquid handling in order to gather OD data!

AccuRead - uncompromized OD detection

ShakerOD features 6 AccuRead channels for that provide real OD values that correspond to standard offline measurements - no conversions or instrument calibrations required!

How does it compare to other technologies?

ShakerOD's AccuRead is optical transmission-based detection which is also used for offline measurements. The vessel size and shape, optics and electronics of the ShakerOD's AccuRead have been developed to work uninterrupted by the shaking of the vessel - reliably up to very high biomass titer - OD 10.

Compared to backscatter-based online detection, ShakerOD's AccuRead technology provides relevant OD values instead of backscatter arbitrary units, works at higher ODs and is more stable in complex media, however it is limited to smaller shaken vessels.

Easy installation.png

Easy installation

  • ShakerOD fits any shaken incubator with threaded holes (3 – 5 mm in diameter)

  • Anybody can install the system in 5 minutes

Cultivation types.png

Cultivation types

  • Suitable for aerobic and anaerobic cultivations

  • Works in a wide range of media and shaken incubator settings

Get in touch and request a demo of the ShakerOD!

Easy process transfer.png

Easy tech transfer

  • Fully autoclavable shakerOD vials contain 1 – 3 mL of bioprocess broth

  • No adaptation is required when you switch to ShakerOD vials from other formats



  • Reduces required resources to gain desired results

  • Enables accurate OD measurements

Reliable detection.png

Reliable detection

  • 6 parallel channels with Essi AccuRead technology detect OD600 during shaken cultivation

  • Detect OD values up to 10.0

Easy data handling

  • ShakerOD software is intuitive and easy to use

  • All generated data files can be opened with Excel, NotePad etc.

Get in touch to get more info or order your ShakerOD!