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Online cell proliferation (optical density – OD) detection system for incubation shakers

shakerOD OD detection system for shaking incubators

shakerOD is a 6-channel system for parallel OD detection in culture vials that incorporates shake-accuRead technology. It is excellent for strain development, media optimization, minimal inhibitory concantration determination, DOE and other protocols where multiple tests need to be undertaken as it reduces the amount of required media and required space on your shaking incubator. The use of vials is simple as no adaptations from flask or other scales are required. Solutions for an easy integration of more shakerOD‘s are available.

shakerOD - OD sensor for shaking incubators


  • Microbiological research

  • Strain development and media optimization

  • Design of experiments (DOE)


  • Eliminated manual sampling

  • Eliminated risk of contaminations

  • Real, calibrated OD

  • Rich data - high monitoring frequencies

  • Simple integration – small devices


Parallel OD detection with shakerOD

accuRead technology

transmitted light detection

The transmitted light detection principle of the accuRead technology is similar to spectrophotometers with two additions:

  • the detection principle is adapted to work online during the shaking operation

  • the dynamic LED power adaptation reassures readouts also in high biomass ranges

Because of this it is possible to measure a large range of biomass titers (ODs) during the shaking operation with the acquired data directly comparable to offline spectrophotometric measurements.

shakerODread is an easy to use software for data acquisition from one or more shakerOD's. It features automatic calibration that's carried out before each measurement. 

The acquired data is easy to handle as it can be opened directly with Excel, Notepad or similar softwares.  

Parallel OD detection with shakerOD
Installation of shakerOD's into shaking incubator

Easy installation

  • ShakerOD fits any shaken incubator with threaded holes (3 – 5 mm in diameter)

  • Anybody can install the system in 5 minutes

Easy tech transfer

  • Fully autoclavable shakerOD vials contain 1 – 3 mL of bioprocess broth

  • No adaptation is required when you switch to ShakerOD vials from other formats


  • Reduces required resources to gain desired results

  • Enables accurate OD measurements

Cultivation types

  • Suitable for aerobic and anaerobic cultivations

  • Works in a wide range of media and shaken incubator settings

Reliable detection

  • 6 parallel channels with Essi AccuRead technology detect OD600 during shaken cultivation

  • Detect OD values up to 20.0 with high-OD vials

Easy data handling

  • ShakerOD software is intuitive and easy to use

  • All generated data files can be opened with Excel, NotePad etc.

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