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Imagine a
microfluidic pressure pump.




Ultimate pressure control.

Integrated compressor. No need for a nitrogen tank.

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Performance that's easy to use

Essi tech's pressure pump offers outstanding response times and pressure stability that you can rely on for the most complex and long lasting experiments and applications.

Control the pump by a simple turn of the knob or via Pressure Pump software. The absence of large air compressors and nitrogen tanks makes Essi Pressure Pump one of the safest pumps available.



Despite the integrated compressor and high-tech pressure control, the pump fits into the palm of your hand.

High pressures

Essi Pressure Pump goes up to 800 mbar, more than enough for any microfluidic application.

High precision

Fast response times and accurate pressures enable easy microfluidic liquid handling and pulseless flows.

Easy to use

The pump requires no maintanence and is easy to install and use with a simple OLED screen and a knob or with provided software for more complex operations.


Our technology

Essi pressure pump features an adjustable micro-compressor that supplies the compressed air to a high precision pressure control valve. Pressure is monitored by a high resolution pressure sensor that feeds data to the state of the art microcontroller, which adjusts the micro-compressor and pressure control valve settings one million times per second. In this way, high precision (down to 0,1 mbar) and quick response times (down to 100 ms) are achieved.


Essi pressure pump is excelent for microfluidic applications where quick reaction times, large reservoirs and easy handling are appreciated. Such applications include various branches of droplet microfluidics (including droplet generation, merging, splitting and sorting), diverse lab on a chip applications as well as flow chemistry. 

Fluidic connectivity

Our pressure pump comes with two adapters to connect to 50 and 1,5 mL centrifuge tubes. The adapters are connected to the pump via provided silicone tubing. Flat bottom 1/4"-28 UNF (HPLC standard) fluidic connectors are compatible with flangeless fittings and ferrules for 1/16" OD tubing for an easy connection to your microfluidic device. 

Connecting 50 mL centrifuge tube

Connecting 1,5 mL centrifuge tube

Visualizing and controling microfluidic processes

Pressure pumps offer quick reaction times and are easy to work with and in order to enhance the control over your processes we recommend the Microfluidic High Speed Microscope by MotionScope.

We offer an integrated solution that allows you to visualize and control your microfluidics with one software!

Check out the microscope here: 

Choosing between pressure and syringe pumps?

Here's a guide that will help you out.

Get in touch for more info or book a demo!

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