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ODcube instant

Fixed wavelength detector of optical absorbance through tubing


Innovative detection technology

Optics are based on LED technology that allows miniaturization, low power consumption and excellent sensitivity. Innovative materials are used to couple the light and fluid paths, allowing excellent detection characteristics and chemical stability.

Electronics are designed around the optics and fluidics: 16-bit low noise ADC with auto gain amplification are run by Essi's innovative AccuRead technology. In this way the readouts are highly sensitive, yet highly stable and reliable.

Detection in tubing simplifies the integration of the system in an uninvasive way and reduces the cost of the system.


Standard wavelengths are 650, 630, 525, 460, and 405 nm. Other wavelengths available upon request.

Standard tubing diameters are 1/16" and 1/8" o.d. Other diameters available upon request.

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