Are you working with chromatography, flow chemistry, bioprocessing or microfluidics? With ODcube you can analyse your processes in real time!

ODcube is a flow-throughpocket-size versatile fixed wavelength optical detector capable of providing you with real-time data on optical absorption in flow. The system is highly bio- and chemically compatible and features a flow cell with a 10 mm light path and only 2 µL of detection volume. It comes with versatile, easy to use ODread software. Due to the robust design and innovative low power LED and laser technologies the ODcube requires only a small amount of power, making it ideal for field instrumentation as well as point-of-care applications. The ODcube can be installed into your instrument as we are happy to provide you with the serial communication protocol for effortless OEM integration. The fine-tuned system with 16-bit detection and programmable gain amplification won't let you down!


Integrated PEEK flow cell.

High precision CNC milled flow cell features 10 mm light path for high precision analysis and less than 2 uL of internal volume for flow resolution. Essi's innovative proprietary technology.

Chemical compatibility.

All wetted materials are highly inert: quartz glass, PEEK, PTFE and fluoropolymers.

High pressure.

The ODcube can withstand up to 50 bar (as standard or up to 300 bar upon request).

High sensitivity, low limit of detection, low noise.

Essi's innovative 16 bit LED-based detection technology in combination with high-precision flow cell allows detection comparable to HPLC detectors.

Small and affordable

...at a fraction of a price and space required compared to a classic detection system.


ODcube comes with ODread software - for intuitive work with your ODcube instant. 

For the convenient data handling the software saves the files in a format that can be directly opened with notepad or Excel!


The combination of high precision PEEK flow cell, highly stable LED light sources and 16-bit detection technology with automatic gain amplification the ODcube's sensitivity easily matches or even exceeds larger and much more expensive HPLC UV-VIS detectors.

ODcube allows the recording of up to 100 datapoints per second and in combination with high-precision fluidics that eliminates signal tailing (high pressure version) dynamic phenomena can be recorded.

Calibration curve of ODcube with 405 nm option using riboflavin (extinction coefficient 12 000 1/mol*cm).

ODcube with 254 nm option was connected downstream from an HPLC measuring cholesterol and its derivatives at a mg/L range.

options & prices

Other wavelengths are available upon request.

High pressure option: 70 € - increases the maximum pressure from 50 bar to 300 bar, internal 0.5 mm I.D. tubings are replaced by 100 um I.D. tubings, which increases the system's back pressure and reduces singal tailing significantly.