Fast, simple and cheap: we fabricate reusable molds for PDMS microfluidic chips with your design!

Send us your design - a dxf or a picture of hand drawing with clearly marked dimensions and depths - and receive your custom made mold within a week*!

Microfluidic mold / mould / cast



For standard size mold, including:

- 22 % VAT

- CAD and CAM designs from your specifications/drawings

- fabrication and post-processing

DESIGN possibilities and limitations

- Our technology allows multiple deapths - 2.5D features on your chip (e.g., channels can have a depth of 0.2 mm and a chamber can have a depth of 3 mm).

- Minimum channel dimension is 200 um, minimum feature dimension is 100 um. 

- The design for the standard mold needs to fit into the dedicated mold space: 64x21x7 mm (Length x Width x Depth)

- Other mold dimensions are also available upon request (max mold size is 110 x 60 mm)

Dimensions of Essi microfluidic mold

how to use the mold

PDMS molding / casting / soft lithography

1 h


Simply pour PDMS mixture into the mold and incubate it at 80°C for an hour. Then take the cured PDMS chip out of the mold and bond it to a glass slide using plasma or thin layer of uncured PDMS.


After receiving the order form we'll get in touch with you about the design of your microfluidic mold. You are welcome to send us your drawings and sketches then or contac us directly via email: is committed to respect the exclusivity of your designs: your designs will only be used for the fabrication of your mold and novelties won't be shared to a third party.

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Thank you for the submission.

We will get in touch with you about the design details and the payment.

*Actual delivery time depends on the complexity of the design, our production capabilities and shipping.