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Microfluidic molds fabrication

Fast, simple and cheap: we fabricate reusable molds for PDMS microfluidic chips with your design!

Send us your design - a dxf or a picture of hand drawing with clearly marked dimensions and depths - and receive your custom made mold within a week*!

Three molds.png

from 150 €

For standard size mold, including:

- CAD and CAM designs from dxf or step files

- fabrication and post-processing

*Fabrication time and costs depend on the design and mold size. If you wish to get your mold fast and cheap please prepare a dxf or step file that fits into the standard mold size (64 x 21 mm).

Design possibilities and limitations

  • Our technology allows multiple deapths - 2.5D features on your chip (e.g., channels can have a depth of 0.2 mm and a chamber can have a depth of 3 mm).

  • Minimum channel dimension is 200 um, minimum feature dimension is 100 um. 

  • The design for the standard mold needs to fit into the dedicated mold space: 64x21x7 mm (Length x Width x Depth)

  • Other mold dimensions are also available upon request (max mold size is 110 x 60 mm)

Dimensions of Essi microfluidic mold

How to use the mold

PDMS molding / casting / soft lithography
PDMS molding / casting / soft lithography

 1 h at 70 °C

Simply pour PDMS mixture into the mold and incubate it at 70°C for an hour. Then take the cured PDMS chip out of the mold and bond it to a glass slide using plasma or thin layer of uncured PDMS.

How to order

Send us an email containing a .dxf design or a photo of a hand drown sketch, the information about channel depth and a description of other requirements. We'll take care of everything else.

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