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We're introducing the Milireactor

A novel, desktop small-scale bioreactor for microbiological, bioprocessing and biotech applications that packs all the features of large-scale reactors: thermo control, mixing, aeration, OD detection, pH control and pumping system for precise bioprocess control. The milireactor is a modular system that can be tailored to suit your needs - check it out here and get in touch to assemble the bioreactor system for your applications.



Syringe vs Pressure pumps

We are publishing our findings on how syringe and pressure pumps compare in order to help our customers decide which one is better for their application.

Grab your copy!



We are announcing the launch the Essi Pressure Pump!

We have developed a high precision, self suficient microfluidic pressure pump that we are releasing into the market in September 2022.


Key feartures:

- integrated micro compressor - no large external nitrogen bottles or compressors

- pressures up to 800 mbar

- 1 mbar resolution, 0,1 mbar accuracy

- ultra fast response times

- ultra small footprint (10 x 6 x 4 cm)

- control with a knob or via PC software

Get in touch for more info and claim your 25 % launching discount! (valid until 15.9.2022).

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