High precision fixed wavelength optical absorbance flow-through detector featuring a PEEK analytical flow cell. Ideal for applications where low signals are to be monitored, with pressures up to 300 bar and flow rates below 60 mL/min. Ideal for analytical and purification chromatography, bioassay detection, microfluidic applications and more. The robust and fully enclosed body enables detection in UV part of the spectrum.

ODcube instant

In-tubing optical detector: insert the tubing (1/16" or 1/8" o.d. versions) and monitor the optical absorbance of whats flowing through! ODcube instant is an affordable gadget for microfluidic applications including droplet microfluidics, fermentation broth OD monitoring, flow elisa assays, column and flash chromatography and more.



ODcube+ is an upgraded ODcube that is capable of detecting up to 3 fixed wavelengths at the same time. It features a high precision PEEK analytical flow cell, high sensitivity, fast response time, no peak tailing and excellent signal stability.


ODfinger is fiber optic device that utilizes two fibers to detect absorbance in an existing vessel with parallel transparent surfaces and analyte in between. Ideal for small bioreactor OD monitoring, large scale chromatographic applications, microfluidics and more.


bioreactorOD is the most convenient way to monitor cell growth (OD) in a bioreactor. A peristaltic pump is used to feed the fermentation broth from the bioreactor through the ODclamp and back into the bioreactor with minimal disturbance and no risk of breach of sterility.