Fiber optic detector - ODfinger

Monitor your processes by integrating the ODfinger into your process setup!

ODcube is an fiber-optic, pocket-size versatile optical detector capable of providing you with real-time data on optical absorption in your process. It comes with versatile, easy to use ODread software. Due to the robust design and innovative low power LED and laser technologies the ODcube requires only a USB cable for power and communication, making it ideal for field instrumentation as well as point-of-care applications. The ODcube can be installed into your instrument as we are happy to provide you with the serial communication protocol for effortless OEM integration. The fine-tuned system with 16-bit detection and programmable gain amplification won't let you down!

ODfinger can be simply integrated onto your system if an appropriate window is available within the setup (the optical fibers have to face each other with monitored liquid in between). Dipping the optical fibers is also an option - we are happy to fabricate an appropriate holder for you!


ODfinger is compatible with ODread software - for intuitive work with your ODfinger.

For the convenient data handling the software saves the files in a format that can be directly opened with notepad or Excel!

Fiber optic detector - ODfinger

options & prices

Standard wavelengths are listed below:

- 390 - 400 nm

- 400 - 410 nm

- 420 - 440 nm

- 535 - 545 nm

- 565 - 580 nm

- 650 nm (cell growth monitoring)

Other wavelengths available upon request.

ODfinger price: 780 € (without VAT and shipping).