the ultimate microfluidic pump

NEVER RUN OUT OF LIQUIDS. Non-stop accurate flow rates.

ContiPump offers the volumetric precision of a syringe pump - yet never runs out of the liquid.

ContiPump delivers a steady, pulseless flow rates continuously by pulling the liquids from a glass or other vessel. The absolute precision of the flow rate is undisturbed by the temperatures, liquid properties and pressure fluctuations. 

The continuous pumping is achieved using two integrated syringe pump units with mounted high-precision glass syringes and a valve system.


Ideal for applications that run for days, weeks and months. 


Continuous operation. 

The liquids can be refilled without disturbing the pump operation and the application: simply pour fresh liquid into your reservoir.

High precision.

The movements of the pump are controlled on nanometer level. The pulseless continuous flow is delivered in the range of 0.1 - 375 uL/min, 1 uL/min - 3.75 mL/min and 10 uL/min - 37,5 mL/min (depending on the version).

High pressure.

The pump delivers highly accurate flow rates regardless of the pressure within your system. The pressures that ContiPimp can reach range from 13 to 89 bar (depending on the model).

Simple operation.

Intuitive user interface is easy to use and does not require computer control due to the advanced onboard controllers.

Robust and reliable.

Robust design and mechanics coupled with integrated advanced control systems provide reliable operation for your application.

Gradient mixing.

The ContiPump is capable of creating a gradient from two inlets, A and B. The desired mixture is selected with a turn of a knob and can be done without any disturbance of your application.

Purge valve.

Reroute the flow from your application into another outlet without stopping the pump or disturbing your application.

Sample injection valve.

A 6-port 2-position rotary valve can be mounted onto the ContiPump for high-precision injection of a sample or other substance into the flow provided by the pump.

The ultimate flow chemistry and chromatography pump - ContiPump

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* The maximum allowed pressure with integrated purge valve is 30 bar or less.