how does it work?

Detection in tubing.

bioreactorOD works on the principle of recirculation: an autoclavable translucent tubing is used to connect a peristaltic pump that pulls the fermentation broth from the reactor and guides it through the bioreactorOD system and back into the reactor.

Advanced detection technology.

Essi's innovative LED-based detection technology allows sensitive and fast detection of cell profliferation - up to OD 40.


The only part in contact with the fermentation broth is the tubing: autoclave it or use any other sterilization procedure, then attach the peristaltic pump and bioreactorOD system.

Small and affordable. a fraction of a price and space required compared to a classic detection system.


bioreactorOD comes with ODread software - for intuitive work with your system.

For the convenient data handling the software saves the files in a format that can be directly opened with notepad or Excel!

OPTIONS & prices

Price: 350 € (without VAT and shipping)

Contact us for custom detection options and pump+bioreactorOD kit.