Essi optical detectors can be used for many applications ranging from chromatography, microfluidics, flow chemistry, bioprocessing and more. Here is a list of the most interesting applications where our detectors have been successfully utilized!

Sample detection in flow Essi ODcube


Certain analytes can't be detected by direct optical detection. In this case, several analytical kits are available on the market that translate the analyte concentration into color intensity. The same analytical kit scan be used with the ODcube: add the reagents into the flow you want to analyze and install the ODcube and enjoy the instantaneous, continuous analysis!


Install ODcube downstream form any kind of chromatographic column to evaluate what is in the effluent. Real time information on the optical properties of effluent is essential for approprate collection of fractions and also allows the evaluation of chromatografy and quantification of separate substances.

Flash chromatography optical detector Essi ODcube
Synthesis flow optical detectior Essi ODcube


Contorling the variables during a chemical synthesis is crucial for the yields and overall performance of the synthetic systems. By installing the ODcube into the system the substrate consumption as well as product yields can be monitored and evaluated uninvasively. The real time nature of the data provided by the ODcube allows precise control of the synthesis, vastly improving the yields and economy of the processes.


Microfluidics is a scientific field that deals with miniaturization of diverse processes, offering advantages in reduced use of reagents, elevated throughput and parallelization. The small volumes within microfluidic devices hinder analytics; by intstalling an ODcube into your microfluidic system, invaluable real time analytical information on processes will be made available with no sample being lost. The extremely low internal volume and long light pathway of ODcube allows for precise, high resolution readouts. No sampling needed.

Microfluidic optical detector Essi ODcube
HPLC optical detector extension Ess ODcube


Is your HPLC lacking in a certain aspect of the analysis? Upgrade it by installing the ODcube into the system! Integration is simple – you can either use the ODread software for the analysis (data can easily be exported into a text or excel file) or take the advantage of the open serial communication protocol and use your own or third party software.


ELISA assays are diverse and versatile analytical tools that allow rapid and simple analysis and diagnostics using simple, portable devices (e.g. Point Of Care Diagnostics). Flow ELISA assays can be applied to perform in-flow analysis and combined with a ODcube to perform precise, real time quantification. Such systems offer low detection limits, high precision and simplicity of operation.

Flow ELISA detector Essi ODcube
Process flow detector Essi ODcube


Processes require constant monitoring and analysis for optimal preformance. The ODcube can be mounted onto the efflux from a reactor in order to monitor optical density and concentrations of optically active substances instantaneously, helping you control and evaluate your bioprocesses.




A standard 405 nm ODcube was installed onto a HPCL, downstream from the column. 10 uL of 1 g/L retinal was injected - the signal from the ODcube is shown above.


A ODcube instant 405 nm was installed downstream from a droplet generation microfluidic chip, detecting 100 nL droplets. 

Besides the quantification of a product within a droplet, anomalies in droplet generation (e.g. non-uniform droplet size) can easily be detected.